Everything is so fucked up 😭
Before I met you, I was always considered the strong one, the one who never got hurt; I could do anything and never fall. I felt like I was the epitome of invincibility; of confidence. Now you’ve come along, you’ve broken my heart, and you’ve shaken me from that really strong foundation that I had spent years constructing. I found out more about myself than I ever had before. I found that my foundation wasn’t as strong as I thought it was — I found that love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be — and I found that this time, maybe I won’t be able to get back up quite so easily. I know that it may take time to put back the pieces of my heart, that there is still a moment that i want to break down and cry, moment that i still want you in my life…but this is for sure, i once a strong one, i can be more than that now.
― Daily Relatable Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)
We had said good-bye so many times before, but somehow our paths always managed to cross and we ended up in each other’s arms. But now when we said this goodbye I have this feeling that I will never see you again. And that really hurts because I know that we are meant to lead our own separate lives. And I honestly don’t wanna cross your path in the future cause I don’t want all these feelings to come back and have to try to get over all over again. But yeah, I’ll be fine without you, I’ll make it somehow. and soon I’ll get over you.
― Daily Relatable Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)
i. i no longer love you.
ii. i am truly happy.
iii. breathing doesn’t hurt so much anymore.
iv. i love myself.
v. i’m looking forward to tomorrow.
― "…april fools’." by (DS)
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